About me

About Silviu Stroe, software developer

My name is Silviu Stroe and I’m a full stack developer, specialised on hybrid/PWA (mobile) app development (Ionic/Cordova) and SMB owner. I’m the founder of one of the first VPN services in Romania, RoTunneling and I’m also part of Yahoo – Wall of Fame and Nokia – Hall of Fame. I’m also love bleeding edge technologies and new challenges.


  • discovering the Internet at age of  15 via WAP (Orange WAP Unlimited)
  • started the RoTunneling(.forumd.biz) romanian WAP forum, which will be the biggest community ~500 active users
  • started to learn a programming language – PHP
  • start high school at National College “Dinicu Golescu”
  • first Internet subscription (PPPoE)


  • orange Romania removes the WAP Unlimited offer
  • a user (“blu3angel”) from my community forum explained a trick about how to enable this option again; a folk from the RST Center community helped me with a AutoIt interface to keep the method semi-private and also available for the community; someone announced Orange and they killed forever the option.
  • after gaining some PHP, MySQL and Linux knowledge, I’ve decided to start my own business, RoTunneling; Many thanks to my old friend from the RoTunneling community, Leonard Burdulea which have contributed with development (Visual Basic, PHP).
    The service will grow to 2000 users
  • being a freelancer


  • on 13th of November 2012, after almost 2 and a half years, from personal considerents, RoTunneling was taken by Redshift IT, company led by Bogdan Torcescu, a old friend from Romanian Security Center community
  • consolidation of programming knowledges


  • planned to move and start the college in Denmark at VIA University College where I’ve been admitted; the plan has failed
  • moved to Pitești
  • start faculty at University of Pitești



  • started my own business, focused on developing mobile and web apps
  • moved to Brașov
  • worked for 2 months at WebDollar cryptocurrency



  • found a IDOR vulnerability in one of the biggest mobile providers in Romania