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Silviu Stroe – Software Product Development Consultant

My name is Silviu Stroe, and I’m a software consultant specializing in hybrid, PWA mobile, and web app development. I’m the founder of one of the first VPN services in Romania, RoTunneling, I run the Brainic agency, and I’m a member of Yahoo – Wall of Fame and Nokia – Hall of Fame. I also love bleeding-edge technologies and new challenges.

  • started the RoTunneling(.forumd.biz) Romanian WAP forum, which will be the biggest community with ~500 active users
  • I’ve decided to start my own business, RoTunneling; Many thanks to my old friend from the RoTunneling community, Leonard Burdulea, which has contributed to development (Visual Basic, PHP). The service will grow to 2000 users
  • on the 13th of November 2012, after almost two and a half years, from personal considers, RoTunneling was acquired by Redshift IT, a company led by Bogdan Torcescu, an old friend from the Romanian Security Center community
  • found a vulnerability in Yahoo! website
  • started my own business, focused on developing mobile and web apps
  • worked for two months at a crypto startup
  • found a vulnerability in the Nokia network
  • found an IDOR vulnerability in one of the biggest telecommunication providers in Romania

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