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Can’t share screen on Microsoft Teams on macOS – 2020 Fix

Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing Fix on macOS Hello, Probably you run Microsoft Teams on macOS and when you wanted to share your screen, you have to give Teams privacy permission. Maybe you already read articles about reinstalling or complicated tricks. The problem is that not always on the Privacy list the Microsoft Teams is available. […]

spotify prevents mac sleep

Spotify Prevents MacOS to Sleep 2020 Fix

Spotify Prevents MacOS to Sleep Having some time these days – with holidays and stuff – decided to see why my Macbook Pro does not sleep when I close the lid. The short explanation is that after you open Spotify and play a song, the program will prevent your system to sleep. It’s a very […]

cloudflare edge cache workers

Cloudflare WordPress Edge Caching via Workers

Edge Cache HTML via Cloudflare Workers Hello, These days I have worked at a small WordPress plugin. What is the usability of the plugin? After you will install and set-up it, your website HTML content will be stored and served from Cloudflare’s Global Content Delivery Network with the help of Cloudflare Workers. This should have […]