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spotify prevents mac sleep

Spotify Prevents MacOS to Sleep 2020 Fix

Spotify Prevents MacOS to Sleep Having some time these days – with holidays and stuff – decided to see why my Macbook Pro does not sleep when I close the lid. The short explanation is that after you open Spotify and play a song, the program will prevent your system to sleep. It’s a very […]

cloudflare edge cache workers

Cloudflare WordPress Edge Caching via Workers

Edge Cache HTML via Cloudflare Workers Hello, These days I have worked at a small WordPress plugin. What is the usability of the plugin? After you will install and set-up it, your website HTML content will be stored and served from Cloudflare’s Global Content Delivery Network with the help of Cloudflare Workers. This should have […]


VoiceFiller – Speech To Text Chrome extension to fill website forms with your voice

Hello, folks, After a long time without posting anything, I’m back – at least for the moment 🙂 Last 2 days, I have built a Chrome extension named VoiceFiller Speech To Text, which uses the SpeechRecognition interface – a technology part of Web Speech API for converting speech to text and fill website forms. Your […]