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create ionic native plugin

How to create a Cordova plugin with Ionic Framework Native support

Creating the Cordova Plugin Hey, Folks! Today I’ll write a small article about Cordova plugins development and how to write a wrapper for Ionic Native for them. The first step is the cordova plugin development. You can achieve that following their good structured documentation. Writing a Ionic Native wrapper for  the existing/created Cordova plugin After […]

Facebook Groups Live Search Extension

Hi, folks! Last night I have done a Chrome extension. It’s about live searching on Facebook groups to avoid duplicate posts. The extension returns to you the most relevant results based on your search words. The extension do the search after backspace or return key press. The source code can be found here and the […]

Configure Travis-CI to use the GCC 5 compiler

Travis CI is a platform where you can test the software you build after every Github push (in my case). After you have did the push, Github send a request to Travis and it start to clone and build your project about the instructions from configuration file from your repo. But, this time I will […]