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Part of Nokia Hall of Fame

A little life sign here after long time. 😀 After reporting a security flaw in Nokia’s network, I have being exposed on their Hall of Fame for September 2018. This is my second apparition on a security Hall of Fame, the first being on Yahoo, in 2014.   […]

Ionic Framework – Cordova Uptime Plugin with Native Support

Hey, geeks! After posting a mini tutorial about developing Ionic Native plugins, I’ve decided to show you my first Cordova plugin, with Android & iOS platform support and compatible with Ionic Native. The plugin name is cordova-plugin-uptime, is under MIT license and you can find the TypeScript wrapper documentation for the Ionic Native support on […]

create ionic native plugin

How to create a Cordova plugin with Ionic Framework Native support

Creating the Cordova Plugin Hey, Folks! Today I’ll write a small article about Cordova plugins development and how to write a wrapper for Ionic Native for them. The first step is the cordova plugin development. You can achieve that following their good structured documentation. Writing a Ionic Native wrapper for  the existing/created Cordova plugin After […]