Cybersecurity (8)

Part of Nokia Hall of Fame

A little life sign here after long time. 😀 After reporting a security flaw in Nokia’s network, I have being exposed on their Hall of Fame for September 2018. This is my second apparition on a security Hall of Fame, the first being on Yahoo, in 2014.   […]

WebDollar – Coin of the Internet – The Newest Internet Cryptocurrency

Hi, folks! It’s been long time since I haven’t posted anything on the blog. Today I write a short article about a new open source project I’ve enjoyed short time ago. WebDollar It’s about WebDollar, a project started by Ionuț Budișteanu, who was a faculty colleague of mine and other passionate people. The main points […]

Setarea oricarei locatii pe Facebook (chat), Tinder, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

Nu am mai scris de mult pe blog, din cauza lipsei timpului si a diverselor probleme. Astazi, o sa va prezint o metoda, mai noua sau mai veche, despre cum sa “pacalim” senzorul de locatie (GPS), sau mai pe scurt, cum sa ii setam telefonului nostru orice coordonate de pe glob, ca si cum am […]