Ionic Framework – Cordova Uptime Plugin with Native Support

Hey, geeks!

After posting a mini tutorial about developing Ionic Native plugins, I’ve decided to show you my first Cordova plugin, with Android & iOS platform support and compatible with Ionic Native.

The plugin name is cordova-plugin-uptime, is under MIT license and you can find the TypeScript wrapper documentation for the Ionic Native support on their website and the source code on Ionic Native github.

It returns the monotonic up time, with possibility of including or not the device deep sleep using the



I made this for getting how things works with Cordova – learning – and giving the Ionic community back a piece of my appreciation.

Silviu Stroe
I'm Silviu and I run Brainic, a mobile-focused software agency. I'm also a member of Nokia and Yahoo wall of fame. My interests are in low-code/no-code development and bleeding-edge technologies.

2 thoughts on “Ionic Framework – Cordova Uptime Plugin with Native Support”

  1. Hi,

    I’m using your plugin and I noticed that the parameter “includeDeepSleep” is not showed with ionic 3 and visual studio code ?
    Do you noticed this problem ?

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