Tado Auto Assist for Free: Introducing the Tado Assistant Tool

Tado Auto Assist for Free: Introducing the Tado Assistant Tool

If you’re a Tado user, you’re already familiar with the convenience and efficiency the smart thermostat brings to your home. But what if I told you there’s a way to enhance your Tado experience even further, and for free? Enter the Tado Assistant, a powerful tool that seamlessly interfaces with the Tado API to bring you advanced features and automation.

What is Tado Assistant?

Tado Assistant is an independent utility designed to work in tandem with your Tado system. It’s a bash script that can be easily installed on Unix-based systems, such as Linux distributions or macOS, and now also supports Docker for a platform-independent setup.

Key Features

  1. State Monitoring: The tool continuously logs the state of your home, letting you know if it’s in HOME or AWAY mode.
  2. Smart Adjustments: Tado Assistant can detect discrepancies, adjusting the mode accordingly.
  3. Open Window Detection: It can recognize open windows in different zones of your home and activate the appropriate mode. This feature now includes customizable Open Window Duration for tailored energy savings.

How to Get Started

Setting up Tado Assistant is straightforward:

  1. Ensure you have a Unix-based system with git installed.
  2. Clone the repository and follow the installation instructions provided in the README.
  3. During installation, you’ll be prompted for your Tado credentials and other optional configurations.
  4. Once installed, Tado Assistant will run as a background service, ensuring your home’s environment is always optimal.

Customization and Usage

Tado Assistant is designed to be hands-off, but it offers several environment variables for customization. You can adjust the checking interval, enable or disable logging, and specify a log file destination. If you ever need to make manual adjustments to your Tado settings, simply use the Tado app. Tado Assistant will recognize these changes and adapt accordingly.

For those who like to keep an eye on logs, if you’ve enabled logging, you can peek into the log file for real-time updates and messages.

Docker Installation

For a simplified setup, Tado Assistant can now be installed using Docker. This makes it platform-independent and easier to manage. Detailed Docker installation instructions are available in the GitHub repository.


While there isn’t a dedicated uninstallation script, the README provides a step-by-step guide on how to manually uninstall the tool, including stopping the service and removing related files and configurations.

Contribute to the Project

The Tado Assistant is an open-source initiative, and contributions are welcome. If you have coding skills and ideas to improve the tool, you can submit pull requests or open issues for suggestions, improvements, or bug reports.

In Conclusion

The Tado Assistant is a fantastic tool for Tado users looking to enhance their smart home experience. It offers advanced features and automation that can help you get the most out of your Tado system. And the best part? It’s free! So, if you’re a Tado user, give Tado Assistant a try and take your smart home game to the next level.

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