VoiceFiller – Speech To Text Chrome extension to fill website forms with your voice

Hello, folks,

After a long time without posting anything, I’m back – at least for the moment 🙂

Last 2 days, I have built a Chrome extension named VoiceFiller Speech To Text, which uses the SpeechRecognition interface – a technology part of Web Speech API for converting speech to text and fill website forms.
Your voice will not be sent to our servers and it’s useful when you have a lot of forms to complete and want to have a lightweight extension to do that.

chrome speech to text

Firstly, you have to set your language, pressing the main button that will open the extension’s settings.


speech to text settings

After saving your spoken language, for the extension to know from what language need to convert the voice to text, all is set.

To test it, you need to go to a certain website, focus in a form input or text area and press the keyboard combination Alt+R, accept microphone permission for that site and start speaking.

You will know when to speak when the extension icon will look like this: speech to text icon

When you will finish the speech, you can press again the Alt+R combination or wait for the extension to auto-detect when you have stopped talking.

For any questions or bug reporting, you can write a comment down below or complete the contact form.



  • added support for live transcription

  • UX improvement: when the browser updates, do not re-open this page


Silviu Stroe
I'm Silviu and I run Brainic, a mobile-focused software agency. I'm also a member of Nokia and Yahoo wall of fame. My interests are in low-code/no-code development and bleeding-edge technologies.

10 thoughts on “VoiceFiller – Speech To Text Chrome extension to fill website forms with your voice”

  1. does not work with google form to fill in answers. With your instructions ‘Natural Reader’ comes up. No option to record

    1. I think the extension interferes with your “Natural Reader” software because maybe they are using the same keyboard shortcuts. Try to disable that application and try again to use the extension.

  2. This program works well except for one problem, when doing data entry in Google forms and on other web pages, it stops working by itself and cannot be restarted unless the page is reloaded. You can understand how this can be a problem with forms of any length.

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