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How to send Firebase user auth token with every request in AngularJS

Hello, guys! If you want to build an AngularJS app based of Firebase, probably at a certain time you want to verify if the logged user it’s the same one that makes requests to your backend server in order to serve specific data securely. For this to happen, we must write a service that will […]

How to use jQuery and its modules with AngularJS ng-include

Hi, folks! These days I’ve tried to convert a basic html template bought from codecanyon to AngularJS. But there was a problem. The jQuery does not wait for AngularJS to load because.. asynchronicity of the JavaScript language. After few discussions with Radu Amarie, the Head Of Engineering at Findie (a great start-up 😀 ) and […]


WebStorm & React Native: Transpiles ECMAScript 6 code to ECMAScript 5 – Babel

Hi, geeks! If you plan to use WebStorm for React Native development, it’s good to set a file watcher. From the jetbrains blog we will find that “For some time now WebStorm has supported ECMAScript 6 (a.k.a. ECMAScript 2015), the future standard for JavaScript. While its features get more and more support in modern browsers […]