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How to use jQuery and its modules with AngularJS ng-include

Hi, folks! These days I’ve tried to convert a basic html template bought from codecanyon to AngularJS. But there was a problem. The jQuery does not wait for AngularJS to load because.. asynchronicity of the JavaScript language. After few discussions with Radu Amarie, the Head Of Engineering at Findie (a great start-up 😀 ) and […]


WebStorm & React Native: Transpiles ECMAScript 6 code to ECMAScript 5 – Babel

Hi, geeks! If you plan to use WebStorm for React Native development, it’s good to set a file watcher. From the jetbrains blog we will find that “For some time now WebStorm has supported ECMAScript 6 (a.k.a. ECMAScript 2015), the future standard for JavaScript. While its features get more and more support in modern browsers […]

Share your location to Waze from your laptop or mobile

Last night, lack of activity and hitting me with this problem a few days ago I did a little web application that: – Takes the user’s location via HTML5 Geolocation – Generates a link on its How it works and how to use? Link generated is sent (via SMS, Messenger, etc.) to the person who […]